Dallas Principal Inspires Students After Beating Cancer

At Cedar Crest Elementary School in Dallas, students start every day the exact same way.

"I love hugs," principal Constance Jawaid said as she greeted each student. "Look at my scholars ready to learn."

Principal Jawaid, who students call Mrs. J, wants to make sure every student knows that nothing can stop them, because she's a walking testimony of perseverance.

"Even though I was told I had the most aggressive form of breast cancer, which is triple negative, there was no whoa is me," she said. "I was like okay cancer, let me show you what I'm made of."

Principal Jawaid is back walking these halls after beating breast cancer.

"Overcoming breast cancer, the radiation and the chemo was great, but you win it in your mind first," she added. "You win it by believing in yourself and I want every kid to leave Cedar Crest believing."

She's reminded every day of what could have been. A picture of her aunt, who lost the same battle, hangs near the classroom where she used to teach.

"She reminds me each and every day I come down the hall, why I do what I do," Jawaid added.

Principal Jawaid has a special connection to this school and she wants to make sure her students leave with the same passion she has.

"The future is in the hallways here at Cedar Crest," she said. "The future is in each and every one of the students that walk this building and I hold myself accountable for making sure the future is brighter."

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