Dallas Police Warn of Possible Child Predator

Dallas police are on the lookout for a possible child predator who has approached four young girls throughout Southern Dallas.

Two incidents happened last month, a third happened Monday.

On the morning of Nov. 5, one victim's father tells NBC 5 his 14-year-old daughter was walking to the bus stop in the 3000 block of West Wheatland Road. That's when she said a man pulled up alongside her and asked if she needed a ride. When she politely declined, she said he exposed himself and she took off running.

A half hour after the first incident, a few miles away, police said a man -- possibly the same man -- approached two other girls. They also took off before anything could happen.

Then on the morning of Monday, Dec. 2, near the 3700 block of Kimballdale Drive, a girl was approached by a man. Police said when she took off, the man chased her, before giving up and driving away in his car.

Dallas police have a vague description of the man, but have two vehicle descriptions.

One description is a black 4-door vehicle with a silver or chrome back bumper and two horizontal silver lines or striping down both sides of the doors.

The other description is a black newer looking 4-door car -- possibly an Acura -- with no front plate, a silver or chrome grill and silver or chrome around the windows.

If you have any information related to these incidents or any similar incidents contact Detective Clark at 214-671-4301 or call 911.

First Victim of Possible Child Predator Still Traumatized

The father of the first victim tells us his daughter was traumatized by what happened on Nov. 5.

"I could hear her on the phone with the bus driver, I couldn't speak to her because she was hysterically crying," said her father.

NBC 5 is not using the father's name to protect identity of the child involved. He said she's still afraid weeks later.

"She's scared to walk to the bus stop by herself, she's scared to go outside this neighborhood or much too far from the house by herself because of that," he said.

He feels grateful his daughter is safe and was able to get away.

"What if they would have grabbed my daughter? I'm just grateful. I thank God, my lord Jesus Christ, that He lets me be able to hold my daughter," he said.

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