Dallas Police Warn About Fake Identification Cards

Dallas police are warning people to beware of fake identification and credit cards after several recent arrests.

Four men were arrested outside a meat market on Westmoreland Road May 22 after neighbors reported identification cards were openly made and sold there.

“With their cellphone they take pictures of individuals and they make the cards right there and for a fee and sell them to these individuals,” said Sgt. Richard Santiesteba with the Dallas Police Department.

The detective said some customers think they cannot be held responsible for the fake identification made by someone else, but possessing or using a fake identification can land you in jail, too.

“And we can track that down where ever you are using that social security number and we’ll go to your job and arrest you right there on the spot,” Santiestaba said.

Another arrest came May 13 on Columbia Avenue where a traffic infraction led to the discovery of a carload of fake identification and credit cards, along with cash and drugs.

Police said that suspect was already wanted for related crimes, but he is not the only one attempting to use or sell fake IDs or credit cards.

“We have several individuals attempting to do that, and credit card abuse, that’s one of the main things that’s out there,” Santiesteba said

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