Latino Dallas Police Union Calls for Removal of Chief U. Renee Hall

Other police unions refuse to join call for chief's replacement

A Dallas police union Wednesday called for the removal of Police Chief U. Renee Hall after a survey of members gave her an 83% 'no confidence' vote.

National Latino Law Enforcement Organization Dallas Chapter President George Aranda said Hall is 'incompetent and over her head.'

"We need to go in a new direction before this summer really takes into play. We need a new crime fighter here," Aranda said.

He cited numerous complaints about Hall's leadership, including the demotion of experienced rivals who initially competed for Hall's job, the recent rise in violent crime and disbanding the vice unit for about a year.

Aranda said 18 members of the vice unit were never charged with wrongdoing.

"Their careers were ruined. They were called criminals. Their files were secretly sent to the DA's office," Aranda said.

Aranda also said the current spike in murder and other crime has not received sufficient action.

"She fails to listen to our rank and file. She doesn't want to take any advice from the organizations. We're the pulse of the police department," Aranda said.

The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas President Terrance Hopkins said his members have made no request to remove Hall.

"I think her leadership is exactly where it needs to be," Hopkins said.

He supported Hall's handling of questions about conduct of the Vice Unit and demotion of some commanders who were in place when she arrived.

"Dallas has always been known as a top heavy command staff department, so some of those things had to be done," Hopkins said.

The Black Police Association leader said Hall can't be blamed for problems that preceded her, like the shortage of manpower.

The leader of the largest police union, the Dallas Police Association, refused to go along with the NLLEO leader's call for Hall's replacement. But DPA President Mike Mata issued a statement saying the new Mayor and City Council should review Hall's performance.

"The DPA believes that all Dallas Officers should be held accountable by their job performance. Chief Hall will be graded by her results on how she has lowered crime and protected the citizens of Dallas. If she fails to do those critical things, I believe the City Council will take appropriate steps to get a leader in Dallas that can," Mata's statement said.

A group of community activists with the Next Generation Action Network held a press conference at Police Headquarters Wednesday afternoon to support the chief and denounce the NLLEO.

"Police union's don't tell the citizens and the taxpayers who can be their top cop," NextGen leader Dominique Alexander said.

NextGen member Earnest Walker said Hall has supported reforms in the police department and she deserves support in return.

"Chief Hall has been open to working with the community. I believe it's an attack and a racist attack," Walker said.

Aranda said his union is evenly split among Latino, black and white members and his concerns have nothing to do with race.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax, who hires and fires the police chief, issued the following statement Wednesday:

"I am confident that Chief Hall and the dedicated officers of the Dallas Police Department are focused and committed to ensuring that the safety of our residents is a top priority.

Chief Hall’s strategic approach to restructuring DPD has helped maximize resources and align the department to be more responsive to the needs of our community. Through her leadership, Chief Hall has worked to improve efficiencies within the department, provide high quality service to every Dallas resident, enhance the department’s community engagement and outreach efforts, and address crime more proactively.

As I have previously shared, Chief Hall has my continued support, and I have full confidence in her ability to continue leading the department."

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