Dallas Police Set to Tackle Apt. Complex Crime

Dallas police are implementing a new crime prevention program aimed at troubled apartment complexes.

The 10/70/20 program is aimed at reducing crime in certain areas. Its name   developed from police considering that 10 percent of residents refuse to tolerate crime, 70 percent tolerate crime and do nothing, while 20 percent are responsible for the crime.
On Saturday, 40 officers from the North Central substation will launch the program at The Village on Timberglen Apartment Homes located on the 3000 block of Timberglen Road.  
Police records show officers have responded to the complex 39 times in the past year for crimes ranging from robbery, burglary and assault to theft and vandalism.
The officers plan to go door-to-door, recruiting tenants who may be in the 70 percent group to join the fight against crime and report problems in their neighborhood.
Some residents said they are pleased with the plan.
“I think it’s good, I really do,” resident Thedrick Oglesby said. “People work too hard for their stuff to be broken into.”
Residents said people are reluctant to report problems for fear criminals will retaliate.
“That’s how really they do get away with it,” said resident Demetrius Mills.
Resident Sondra Tywater said she has lived in the complex for 10 years and crime has increased in that time.
“If the people know the police are present, I think they’ll be more supportive,” Tywater said. “But if it’s going to be a one time visit, it’s not going to go very far because we’ve done this before.”
Apartment management and police officials say they want to build a better long-term relationship with residents to reduce crime.
Three complexes will be included in the first stage of 10/70/20 with more to be added, police officials said.
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