Dallas Police Seek Parents’ Help to Combat Teenage Street Racing

Dallas police say the street racing is happening on main thoroughfares with deadly consequences


Dallas Police are asking parents to speak to their kids after two fatal wrecks the past two months involving teenage drivers racing on the street.

The latest one happened around 2 p.m. New Year's Day in the 4600 block of Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas.

Police said a 16-year-old driver who had been racing killed Elias Silva-Gonzalez, 53, as he was making a left turn from Singleton on to Peoria Avenue in his pickup truck.

Enrique Chavez who works at the corner witnessed the wreck. "I say 'oh man, maybe it’s my friend in there,' I know the people," he said.

Chavez said the victim was a father with two children.

The first accident blamed on teenage racing was November 29, 2011, on Northwest Highway near Central Expressway.

Police say two teenagers in BMW’s were racing at speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the busy road when one of them lost control and caused a fiery crash.

Killed was Colin Stone, 16, of University Park. Several other people were injured.

"What concerns us is this is juveniles racing cars. It's not late at night in some deserted area. These are main thoroughfares in Dallas," said Lt. Scott Bratcher, a commander of the Dallas Police Traffic Unit.

Bratcher said a minor driver is facing charges in each of the wrecks and a third driver is wanted in connection with the Singleton Boulevard crash.

Bratcher asked parents to speak to their kids about the consequences of street racing.

"And it’s not just a one time conversation. It’s something you have to live by and you have to drill into them every single day," he said.

Enrique Chavez said speeding is a constant problem on Singleton Boulevard by drivers of all ages.

Lt. Bratcher agreed it is a problem area and said Singleton is targeted for special speeding enforcement.

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