Dallas Police search for man they say shot and killed soon-to-be-father in Oak Cliff

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Right now, Dallas Police are searching for the man they say shot and killed a soon-to-be-father at an Oak Cliff apartment complex.

It happened around 9:20 Tuesday night at the Nolen Grand Apartments on Perryton Drive where the family said 40-year-old Geoffrey Jones often visited his mother.

"It's just too many unanswered questions that we don't have an answer for,” said Jones’s sister Jennifer Jones.

One day after the shooting, Jennifer said the family is still coming to terms with why anyone would kill her brother, who she describes as a man who loved to help others.

"That's the missing piece of the puzzle. We don't know what happened. We don't know why. We don't understand why he would take his life,” she said.

Jennifer said she’d spent Tuesday afternoon with her brother before he left for their mom’s complex for a barbecue with friends he’d recently met.

Just before 10, she got a call from her mom that Geoffrey was dead.

According to Dallas Police, a man shot and killed Jones after the two got into an argument in the breezeway of the apartment complex.

"I just don't see my brother making someone angry enough to take his life. I just don't,” said Jones.

While police haven't released a description for the suspect, the family believes it's a man Geoffrey had recently befriended.

Jennifer said while the suspect remains on the run, the family is figuring out what a future looks like without her younger brother, not just for themselves, but for the little girl he and his fiancé were preparing to welcome this fall.

"He was just so excited. He was excited to be a father. He wanted a family life. He wanted to raise his daughter, be in his daughter's life, all of it,” she said.

For his little girl, Jennifer said they’re committed to keeping Geoffrey’s memory alive while fighting for closure through the arrest of the man responsible for taking his life far too soon.

Anyone with information about Tuesday night’s shooting is asked to call Dallas Police.

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