Dallas Police Review Handling of Protests

Protest organizer says tension could escalate during future demonstrations

Several times in the past two weeks, hundreds of people have marched through the streets of Dallas in protest of grand jury cases in Missouri and New York.

The demonstrations have remained peaceful, but one organizer said there is no guarantee future protests will be that way.

Still, Dallas police said they are prepared to handle any situation.

“Our profession is under quite a bit of scrutiny across the country for incidents that did not happen in Dallas,” said Dallas Police Chief David Brown to the Public Safety Committee on Monday.

In one of the Dallas protests, marchers stopped traffic along Interstate 35E, and the police department is evaluating how it handled that and the other situations.

“I think that our officers handled the protests that we had so far very well,” said Dallas Police Maj. Melissa McGee. “And we continue to learn from it.”

“I would say Dallas police were doing a good job,” said the Rev. Ronald Wright, with the group Justice Seekers Texas.

Justice Seekers Texas has helped organize several protests in Dallas.

“The next time something like that happens in Dallas there’s no guarantee it’s going to be a peaceful rally,” said Wright.

“Do we expect any more protests? We don't know,” said McGee. “But we do know we are ready for them.”

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