Dallas Police Reportedly Investigating Status of Hundreds of Assault Cases

Detective working with department to determine number of unworked assault cases

Dallas police are investigating as many as 900 cases in the family violence unit to see if a detective fully investigated them, NBC 5 News has learned.

A Dallas police source said an audit is being conducted to determine how thoroughly the detective looked into the cases, dating back to 2015.

The source, who wanted to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the investigation, said there is documentation that the detective asked repeatedly to come in and work overtime, in an attempt to catch up, but was denied each time.

NBC 5 was also told that the Dallas Police Department’s family violence unit is understaffed, and that incomplete cases are stacking up for everyone in the unit.

The internal investigation, according to the source, is also examining whether a computer glitch, rather than human error, is the reason why so many of the detective’s cases show to be unworked.

Dallas police confirmed a number of cases had not been properly worked or cleared by a detective and that all of that detective's cases are under review.

The Dallas Police Department did not confirm the number of cases being reviewed.

The officer is said to have no record of disciplinary action at the department.

Dallas police said the detective is on restrictive duty and is not being assigned new cases so that all of the previously assigned case files can be reviewed with a supervisor.

Dallas police said Wednesday afternoon that all cases assigned to the detective with no investigative follow-up have been reassigned to other detectives during the audit.

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