Dallas Police Play Prowling Car Burglars

Dallas police are playing the role of would be thieves to prove a point after a rash of Uptown Dallas car burglaries this month.

Detectives took to the streets photographing the cars of potential victims. They snapped dozens of pictures revealing valuables left inside vehicles across the Uptown area.

“Many times people leave stuff in the car and the car unlocked,” said Lt. Richard Dwyer.

Dwyer warns thieves are targeting vehicles hidden from sight in parking garages.

“They often have multiple levels and lots of cars so it’s easy for a thief to get in and out undetected,” Dwyer said.

Some people who live in the Uptown area are trying to combat the thieves by parking their cars in public places.

“I started parking my car on the street instead of in the garage, I try to find a spot where there is a lot of foot traffic,” said Gloria Guerrero.

She said many of her friends have fallen victim to the thieves and she doesn't want to be next.
Dallas Police arrest four car burglary suspects Tuesday who are believed to be responsible for up to 70 break-ins. But even detectives acknowledge more thieves are out there to pick up where their suspects left off.

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