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Dallas Police Officer Honored, Speaks Publicly For First Time Since Being Shot

One year after shooting that killed her partner, officer looks forward to contining to help people

One year after being shot in face, Dallas Police Officer Crystal Almeida spoke publicly Thursday for the first time.

Almeida and her partner, Officer Rogelio Santander, were shot in a North Dallas Home Depot while responding to a call about a reported theft. Santander did not survive his wounds.

Almeida was honored Thursday with the Theodore Roosevelt Award, given to one Dallas Police Officer every year who overcomes large obstacles.

"There aren't enough 'thank you's' I can say to everyone," Almeida said. "After that day my old life was put on hold, after waking up from what seems like an eternity, the thing I remember is asking how everyone was doing and wanting to get back to work."

A four-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, Almeida was able to return to work just three months after she was shot twice in the face, which ultimately cost her vision in one eye.

"We thank you for being a part of our team, serving our community and being an outstanding member of the Dallas Police Department," Police Chief Renee Hall said.

Almeida said she now hopes to continue doing the work that has helped her return to normal and remains the purpose of her life.

"I look forward to the knowledge I get every day and the thing I like the most, helping people," she said.

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