Dallas Police

Dallas Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault

Officer was on duty when the alleged assault occurred, police say

NBC 5 News

A Dallas police officer is on leave after being accused of sexual assault.

According to a statement from the Dallas Police Department, an unnamed officer was accused of sexually assaulting another person while on duty.

The department said they were notified of the allegation on Saturday, April 23, but released no further details about the officer or when and where the alleged assault took place.

The officer, the department said, has been placed on administrative leave while the report is investigated.

The Dallas Police Association said they were aware of the allegation and that it should be thoroughly investigated.

“We are aware of a member of the department has been accused of a very serious criminal allegation and we believe that it should be thoroughly investigated and all those who are involved constitutional rights be protected through the conclusion of the case," the DPA said in a statement.

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