Dallas Police Obtain Manziel's Girlfriend's Medical Records: Report

Dallas police obtained the medical records of Johnny Manziel's girlfriend as part of an investigation into whether Manziel assaulted her, according to reports.

ESPN reported that a source said Colleen Crowley's medical records might verify the injuries she alleged former Texas A&M quarterback Manziel caused her Jan. 29-30 in a complaint she filed Feb. 5.

Crowley's attorney Kathy Kinser said Manziel hit Crowley so hard Jan. 29 that she suffered a ruptured eardrum and couldn't hear out of her left ear weeks later.

Dallas police have not responded to the report.

Dallas police said Feb. 9 they're working on obtaining a search warrant to get surveillance video from a boutique Uptown hotel where Crowley said the assault took place. Detectives are also looking for surveillance video from other restaurants and nightclubs Crowley and Manziel visited.

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