Dallas Police Investigating Uptown Assaults

Dallas police are investigating two assaults in Uptown that happened within days of each other.

Police have a sketch of one of the suspects and video of the other.

Police haven't said if the two cases are connected.

The latest assault happened on North Hall Street on Sunday, June 23, near the Greenwood Cemetery. Two days before, surveillance camera show a man preparing to attack a woman on McKinney Avenue, police say.

The video shows a man in black walking when a woman with a dog approaches. The man checks the scene around him and then runs toward the woman. Police say he knocked the victim to the ground and the woman screamed. The man then ran away.

In a separate incident on Friday, June 21, police say a man sexually assaulted a woman on McKinney Avenue. Officers say he forced the woman to the ground but she fought back and he ran off.

Police say the assaults happened less than a mile from each other.

Investigators are asking for help from the public if anyone recognizes the men.

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