Dallas Police

Dallas Police Investigate Week's 3rd ATM Robbery

Dallas police say they're investigating the third similar ATM theft in less than a week early Friday morning.

Witnesses told police that two men dressed in black backed an SUV through a wall at the Wolf Mart in the 300 block of South Saint Augustine Drive, loaded the ATM onto the vehicle and fled. Police said the robbery took less than one minute.

Store owner Sam Patel said he has surveillance cameras in the store, but none were pointed at the ATM.

"I'm not going to stay inside my apartment anymore, I want to stay inside the store," he said. "I have to protect my store."

Shortly after, police said they found the SUV and the ATM near the intersection of North Prairie Creek and Clearfield roads, about a mile from the convenience store. Officers used dogs and a helicopter, but were unable to find the men responsible.

Police said they don't yet know if any cash was stolen from the ATM.

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