Dallas Police Investigate Third Attack in North Dallas

A North Dallas woman is sharing her experience after she says she was attacked while walking to her apartment. This is at least the third attack in the same neighborhood in recent weeks.

Emily says she had just come home from work on Thursday and was taking her dog for a walk.

"I felt just a choke hold come around my neck and it was just extremely hard, it was his right arm and it lifted me about six inches off the ground," said Emily.

Emily ask us to not use her last name, fearing for her safety.

She believes the man was waiting on her porch when she got home.

When he attacked, Emily says she started fighting for her life. She finally was able to break free when the mans fingers got caught in a necklace she wears for good luck.

"This was a fight for my life. I'm extremely glad I had it on." said Emily.

This is the third similar attack in that area in the past few weeks.

A different woman was attacked at the Ladera Apartments near Midway and Trinity Mills on Friday July 21.

Dallas police are asking for help in identifying the man they believe is involved in the July 21 case. He was described as a black man, between 25 to 35 years old, approximately five feet, nine inches tall and 200 to 250 pounds, last seen wearing a light-blue collared shirt with short sleeves, similar to a mechanic shirt. He was also wearing a skullcap or "do rag" with possibly a camouflage design.

Anyone with information that could help police is asked to call the Dallas Police Assaults Unit at 214-671-3593.

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