Dallas Police Investigate Officer-Involved Shooting

Dallas police say an officer opened fire on one of two men who were spotted inside a dollar store in the Bent Creek Shopping Center hours before it opened early Wednesday morning.

Police are now investigating the officer-involved shooting at the American Dollar Plus Store on the 9700 block of Forest Lane.

The first officer who responded to a report of suspicious activity at 5:42 a.m. found the back door of the business had been pried open and noticed two men trying to leave the store, police say.

When the men saw the officer, they ran back inside the store toward the front door, which was locked, according to police. They doubled back where one of the men hid in the shadows behind a counter, while the second slipped out of the building, according to police.

Police say the officer spotted the man hiding behind the counter and gave several loud, verbal commands for him to show his hands. According to police, when he ignored the officer's repeated orders, the officer fired his weapon, missing the suspect.

The man was then taken into custody without incident, police said. His name has not been released.

The search for the second person is ongoing.

Recent Shootings at Forest Lane and Audelia Road

There have been several incidents in the area near Forest Lane and Audelia Road since 2013.

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