Dallas Police Investigate Driveway Robbery Attempts

Dallas police are investigating two similar robberies in which masked men attempted to rob unsuspecting women after pulling into their garages.

The first incident happened early Monday in the 10500 block of Las Brisas Drive in northeast Dallas, according to a police report. Moments after the victim pulled into her garage, two masked men, one of whom was armed with a shotgun, demanded she hand over money, the report stated.

When the woman informed the assailants that she had no money, one of them asked if anyone was in the house, according to police. The woman told them her children were inside, and the two masked men ran away without any of the woman's belongings.

The second incident happened at about 9 p.m. Monday in the 7100 block of La Vista in the Lakewood section of the city.

The victim, Susan White, told NBC 5 that two men whose faces where covered by scarves appeared behind her van when she was reaching in to get her bags after helping two of her children out of the vehicle.

"And I screamed, and then I noticed a shotgun pointing at me, [so I] kept screaming, but I remembered I had bags on me so I threw my bags at them, and that's really wanted and they took off," she said.

The men in the second incident ran off with White's bags.

White said a neighbor who heard her scream saw the two men jump into a dark-colored sedan parked in front of the house next door and drive away.

Dallas police said that although the scenarios are similar, the crimes are not believed to be connected.

In August, the Highland Park Department of Public Safety investigated two robberies -- one in the 3600 block of Stratford Avenue and another in the 7500 block of Carruth Boulevard -- that matched a similar style.

In both of those cases, two men wearing masks of some kind robbed people in their driveways after they had arrived home, police said. The weapon used in both of those incidents was a knife.

Investigators in Highland Park plan to contact Dallas police to see if either of their cases could be connected.

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