Dallas Police Investigate Another Oak Lawn Attack

Dallas police are investigating another Oak Lawn attack.

It's the 18th attack on someone in the last seven months.

Police say early Thursday morning a man was walking home from a bar on Bowser Avenue, just off Lemmon Avenue, when someone in a red SUV hopped out and starting punching the victim in the face.

The encounter left the man with a fractured orbital bone, fractured foot, and bruisesd arm. He spoke to NBC 5, but did not want to be identified out of fear for his safety.

"One person alone is bad enough, and then it's two and three. Now I'm supposedly number 18 that has been reported to police? How many more have to get hurt, or does someone have to literally die from it?" the victim said.

Police say the attacker then got back in the SUV and drove off.

"Throughout the attack, the suspect did not say anything, nor did he attempt to take the victim’s property," Dallas police said.

The victim was unable to provide additional information. He could need plastic surgery to repair his facial injuries.

Police say a detective is canvassing the area, looking for any video that may have captured the accused attacker's vehicle.

No one's been arrested in this attack, nor in any of the other previous assaults, some of which are officially classified as hate crimes. Residents said the location of the attack, nearly a mile away from Oak Lawn's busy entertainment area, is also concerning.

"When you're walking you just kind of watch over your shoulder a little bit," said Rosa Klinghoffer.

Klinghoffer wonders whether criminals have taken notice of the additional surveillance cameras and increased police presence on Oak Lawn and are now targeting residential areas.

"I just makes me feel like we're not safe," she said. "Eventually things will turn around, but we need a little more security and protection from police."

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