Dallas Police Investigate 48th 2015 Attempted ATM Theft

Dallas police said they are searching for the people who tried to steal an ATM from a grocery store Tuesday morning.

Three people used a champagne-colored 1993 Chevrolet extended-cab pickup truck to crash into the front of the Tom Thumb grocery store on the 10400 block of North Central Expressway at about 4 a.m., according to police.

The driver backed the pickup truck through the storefront and then two people wearing masks, gloves and hoods entered and tried to remove the ATM, police said.

Miles away, inside the headquarters of Stealth Monitoring in Addison, a company hired for live video surveillance, someone was watching. The person monitoring the cameras along the Meadow Central Market shopping center activated a warning through a nearby speaker.

“When we activated the speakers, we have audio speakers that advise them we are monitoring and watching, they got scared,” said Norm Charney, CEO of Stealth Monitoring.

Video shows the other two suspects running after the truck. They abandoned the pickup truck in the 7700 block of Meadow Road.

“The police arrived within 5 minutes, which Dallas PD responded very quickly for us because this was an incident we saw live – there was an actual burglary in progress,” Charney said.

Stealth Monitoring watches the cameras at Meadow Central Market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s just one property of hundreds the company provides cameras and monitoring services for across the country.

“We’re literally watching motion activity all the time,” Charney said. "When we see something we determine with video analytics and human intelligence as to whether or not we think this is criminal.”

Police ask anyone with information in this case to call the Major Crimes Unit at 214-671-4221.

NBC 5's Josh Ault and Jocelyn Lockwood contributed to this report.

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