Dallas Police Host Community Event to End Violence

With the rise of violent crime in the city of Dallas, residents say they're more concerned than ever about safety.

"It concerns me as a mother, you know. I have to worry about my daughter growing up and seeing people who look like her being victims of crime." said Regina Beale, Dallas resident.

A shooting at Jim's Car Wash, at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Myrtle Street in South Dallas, drew strong response from neighbors who asked police to find a way to address the issue of violence in their community.

So Dallas Police in the Southeast Division planned the "One Community Zero Violence" event to offer job training and activities and provide alternatives to a life of crime.

"We want to make sure to get out our resources to help individuals so they don't have to return to violence or to drugs, or any corner activity, we want them to know that there are other options." said Dana Branch of CitySquare.

Lamonte Levels lived a life of crime in the neighborhood and paid a devastating price.

"Growing up in the gang life I was doing a drug deal and some of my friends shot me in the head and left me for dead," said Levels, former gang member.

Now blind in both eyes, Levels said that experience woke him up to the reality of why it's important to address the issue of violence by reaching out to youngest members of the community first.

"It bothers me a lot when I see young 13-year-old kids getting shot up for no reason just walking down the street, that's why I continue to do the work that I do," Levels said. "I think we just need to mend that gap between the community and police officers, they're just out here doing their job trying to protect us and serve us."

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