Dallas Police Hope New Software Ends Glitches

The Dallas Police Department is trying out new software that the city hopes will eliminate the problems the department has had with the dispatch system.

So far, 75 officers have been trained on the system and police said the overwhelming response from officers has been good. More importantly, Dallas police hope the new upgrades will help make the city safer.

"Immediately, response times should decrease," said Lt. David Smith. "One, because officers can see where the calls are and can volunteer for them."

From their in-car computers officers will be able to see where they are in relation to other officers and can head to a call if they are close without having to wait for word from dispatch.

The city is spending $11.8 million to upgrade the squad cars after dozens of complaints from police officers. Officers reported being sent to wrong addresses and releasing wanted suspects because information on their warrants came in too late.

Dallas police hope to have all squad cars upgraded by March of 2010.

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