Dallas Police Holding Community Meetings to Help Crack Unsolved Murders

Police and community members are meeting Thursday night to help crack unsolved murders in Dallas. Homicide detectives are asking the public to work with them and stop the no-snitching trend.

Lashonda Green's husband, Daniel Green, was murdered several months ago, and the case remains unsolved. She's hopeful the meeting will produce answers.

It's not easy for her to talk about the day her husband was murdered.

"It was my birthday, it was my birthday," she said of the day of the fatal shooting, April 7.

Dallas police found him lying in the street on the 2900 block of Holmes Street with a bullet lodged in his neck.

"Nobody was trying to help him. They were walking around, and the detective said when they made it there people were going through his pockets," Lashonda Green said.

She says there were multiple witnesses, but no one has come forward. Her husband's killer remains on the run.

It's a scenario Dallas police say they fight just as hard as the crime on the streets. It's the reason Green be attending the community meeting with homicide detectives to encourage the public to help police.

"The biggest thing is they don't want to have to testify. They're afraid, and I don't blame them for being afraid, because he killed once. He'll kill again, he'll kill again," she said.

Green said it's an eerie possibility and the very reason that she and their two teenage daughters need closure.

"They want answers that I can't give them, I can't," she said.

So as she waits for that one person to come forward, she hopeful for the truth and the strength to move forward.

"I just try not to look at the pictures. It's so painful to look at them," Green said.

Dallas police will discuss Daniel Green's unsolved murder case, along with several others, at Thursday's meeting. It is open to the public and begins at 6 p.m. at the Exline Recreational Center at 2525 Pine Street in Dallas.

Another community meeting will be held Tuesday, Aug. 29, at 4014 South Lancaster at 6 p.m.

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