Dallas Police Help Close Off Large Section of “Tent City” Homeless Camp

Dallas police on Tuesday helped clear out part of the homeless camp known as “Tent City” under Interstate 45.

City contractors put up new chain link fencing to close-off a large section of the camp.

Police estimate they had to move about two dozen people out of the area Tuesday, although they don't have a hard number.

There were about a dozen uniformed officers at the site. No one was arrested and the closure went peacefully.

Church volunteers and non-profit groups say the few dozen people remaining at Tent City don’t want to go to shelters and are reluctant to accept outside help.

City contractors threw away left over belongings, sleeping-bags and garbage.

"Today is, like, heart-wrenching. Where today is the day they know they’ve gotta move. And they need a home, and they need all the help they can get," said Samantha Horwitz.

Horwitz is a homeless advocate who works with the non-profit Heroes-4-Healing, trying to help homeless military veterans find resources at the VA.

Police say the last remaining section of Tent City could be shut down this Friday, a few days ahead of schedule.

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