Dallas Police Detective Honored for Saving Defense Attorney's Life

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia honored a detective who saved a local defense attorney's life after he collapsed in the courtroom.

"I just got thru pre-admitting some exhibits about how PCP affects the human body, and then I sat down and then I woke up in the hospital," said Fishburn.

In September, Detective Frank Serra saw Allen Fishburn lying on the floor and jumped into action administering chest compressions for about 15 minutes before he was rushed to the hospital.

It was determined Fishburn had experienced an almost-fatal heart attack.

Chief Garcia said Fishburn would not have made it without Serra's swift action.

"By the grace of God, He called upon me to do what any of us would've done in that situation and that's give CPR and luckily Allan is here with us today," said Serra. "It's quite wild going from getting ready to be questioned on the stand to giving CPR, but that's pretty much how it went."

Serra received a life-saving bar for outstanding performance in the saving of a human life

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