Dallas Police Department Terminates Five Employees

Fifth officer demoted for failing to aid fellow officer

On Monday, the Dallas Police Department handed down discipline, including terminations, for five officers and a 911 call taker they say violated either the law or department policy.

On Twitter, the department said the following employees were fired for the following offenses. 

  • SC Amy Wilburn, #8111, was terminated for firing her weapon upon an unarmed person without fear or justification.  Kelvion Walker, the 19-year-old shot earlier this month, is suing.
  • Sgt. Rafael Rodriguez, #7254, was terminated for his involvement in a domestic disturbance which resulted in a police response.
  • SC William Wesley, #5923, was terminated for his involvement in a domestic disturbance which resulted in a police response.
  • SC Frank Della, #7103, was terminated for public intoxication, damaging a person's property, and making offensive contact with a person.
  • 911 Call Taker Moises Limon was terminated today for driving while under the influence and not reporting his arrest to his supervisor.

The department also tweeted that SC James Reynolds, #7452,  "was demoted for failing to aid a fellow officer who was nearby requesting help with a combative prisoner."

All of the employees have a right to appeal the terminations.  At this time, the department has not released any further information about the terminations.

Reaction to Wilburn Termination

Regarding the termination of Wilburn, Chief David Brown also tweeted that Wilburn's case will be referred to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office for presentation to the grand jury.

"It is extraordinarily encouraging because we have had the department validate his version of the facts," said Walker's attorney Geoff Henley.

Walker was the passenger in a vehicle that was carjacked on Dec. 8 . Police spotted the car on Dec. 9, tried to pull them over, and there was a chase. Walker said in his lawsuit that everyone jumped out and ran except him. An eyewitness said he had his hands up to surrender when Wilburn came over and shot him.

"We are certainly encouraged by Chief Brown's actions," added Henley.

The President of the Dallas Police Association is not.

"This ruling jeopardizes the safety of the citizens of Dallas, and all Dallas police officers," said Ron Pinkston.

Pinkston said officers are upset about this.

"What kind of deadly force policy do we have now? This throws the policy out the window. Where do we stand now? When can we use deadly force? When can't we use deadly force," he added.

The chief said Monday that in 2014, he will establish a use of force team that will train officers on tactics, policy, and best practice evaluations.

Wilburn can appeal and NBC 5 received a statement from her attorney Monday.

"Seems like the chief decided to put speed over thoughtfulness. [The] shooting was three weeks ago and the criminal investigation is not completed yet. This is one of the quickest terminations they've done," said Bob Gorsky.

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