Dallas Police Deliver Gifts to Frontline Workers in Show of Appreciation

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A group of Dallas Police officers has stepped up to show appreciation for those on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

Ofc. Bervin Smith said nurses deserve all the glory these days.

“They have the most dangerous job in America, I think,” Smith said. “People always want to give to police and fire. That’s important too, don’t get me wrong. But these nurses are on the frontlines.”

It’s their dedication and willingness to care for the most vulnerable among us that led to this day. Police officers delivered truckloads of snacks and gifts to frontline healthcare workers.

The idea took off back in December.

The Northeast division of the Dallas Police Department set out to gather as many donations as possible and deliver them to local hospitals throughout the city.

This week, health care workers at Parkland Hospital, Baylor University Medical Center and the Fair Park vaccination facility were the deserving recipients.

Smith said local businesses and residents stepped up in a major way to make this happen, and he couldn’t be prouder to show appreciation to those sacrificing so much.

“We’re all in this together,” he said. “Everybody can sit on the sidelines and tell you what a great job you did and clap their hands for you, but we have to get involved.”

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