Dallas Police Cut Bush's Home Security

Money woes remove officer stationed outside Ex-President's Preston Hollow Home

Dallas police will have a reduced security presence around former President George W. Bush's Preston Hollow home as the city faces cut backs, the Dallas Morning News reported.

In addition to the standard Secret Service coverage, the Dallas Police Department has provided an extra line of protection with a tactical officer stationed outside the home in eight-hour shifts. 

The coverage was estimated to cost about $300,000 for a year, the paper reported.  

“We just had to cut it,” a police official, who wished to remain anonymous, told the paper. “We’re about to lay off people.”

The city of Dallas is laying off 785 current city employees and making deeper cuts to parks, libraries, and other city services in an effort to reduce a $190 million budget shortfall.

The Dallas Police Department stressed that, despite the cuts, it is ready and able to assist the Secret Service whenever the need arises.

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