Dallas Police Consider New Task Force in Wake of Staffing Struggles

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall says the department is looking into the creation of a new 100-person public safety "task force" that would focus on violent crime.

The unit would largely include resources from outside the Dallas Police Department and be a way to make up for staffing challenges, according to Hall.

"We have 762 people who are eligible for retirement," Hall told reporters at an off camera, on-the-record meeting Wednesday. "We have to continue to say how are we going to police this city if we are losing people."

Hall said recruiting continues to be a struggle and a task force is one way the department could free up its resources to better focus on areas like patrol.

But Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said he's heard ideas like this before and is skeptical a task force is a part of the department's staffing solution.

"We have had all these shiny new toys that are presented throughout our time at the department, are they effective, are they are effective for a short period of time but it is usually for a short period of time," Mata said.

Hall told reporters a department staffing survey is currently being conducted and she remains committed to hiring officers to make up for the department's shortfall.

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