Dallas Police Chief Shakes Up Criminal Investigation Division

Police Chief Renee Hall has reassigned most of the investigators, along with their two commanders, from the police department’s elite Special Investigations Unit inside the Criminal Investigations Division, NBC 5 News has learned.

While Hall has not given an official reason for the reassignments, multiple sources in the police department told NBC 5 they feel it's because of her misgivings on how the SIU handled two high profile cases - the fatal shooting last year of an innocent resident by then-officer Amber Guyger, and, more recently, a hit-and-run probe involving Dallas City Councilman Kevin Felder.

Among those transferred out of the SIU last week was lead detective Eddie Ibarra, with nearly thirty years at the DPD, including fifteen as a homicide investigator, sources tell NBC 5.

Also moved was the head of the unit, Deputy Chief Thomas Castro, and his second-in-command, Major Charles Young.

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