Dallas Police Chief, Officers Make Special Delivery to Murder Victim's Family

In their line of work, Dallas police are called upon to wear many hats.

On Saturday morning, much to their excitement, they got to put on their Santa caps -- eager and ready to do some good.

"We're mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers," said Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall. "This is our opportunity to allow the community to see us in the raw and who we are as individuals."

These Santa cops spent the morning delivering bikes and toys to more than 400 families across the city.

And there was one family in particular that Hall wanted to surprise herself.

"This is a family that needed us, that needed our support," said Hall. "So I definitely wanted to wrap my arms around this particular family."

With a seemingly bottomless box of toys in hand, she and some of her officers went to their apartment and knocked on the door. Then they watched as six happy and wide-eyed kids went through it. 

"It's the most rewarding thing in the world," said Hall.

They're the children of Gabrielle Simmons, the 27-year-old mother who was murdered during a robbery last month while she was working at a Dollar General store in Oak Cliff.

Simmons fiance, Aris Joseph, who is also the father of their children, said the days since her death have been tough.

"My kids keep my spirit alive," said Joseph. "I'm trying to keep things together. So as long as their minds are occupied, I can handle all the business without having to worry about what they're thinking about."

He says this unexpected gesture by DPD will help.

"It was a big surprise to me and I know they were surprised, as well," said Joseph. "And I know [the kids] are still in there messing up my house with these toys. But I'm very thankful. I'm very thankful."

Hall admits it got emotional for her watching the kids react to the surprise. But seeing their faces is what told her they achieved their mission for the day.

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