Dallas Police Chief Faces New Questions After Video Leak

Surveillance video evidently leaked from the Dallas Black Police Association office produced new accusations for Dallas Police Chief David Brown Tuesday.

The video, with a time stamp from June 2013, was sent to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and city councilmembers. It recorded DBPA President Cletus Judge speaking on the phone about cooperation he has received from Brown.

“Every time I've asked Chief Brown to do something, when I ask him to move people or get somebody a good job, he has done it,” Judge said in the video.

Brown has come under heavy criticism in the past month from several police officer groups while Judge and the Black Police Association stood by his side.

Dallas Fraternal Order of Police President Richard Todd says the video shows that some staff decisions are the result of internal politics and favors that some police groups do not enjoy.

“It's the truth coming out,” Todd said. “I honestly think the citizens of Dallas deserve better than that. They deserve the best candidate for that position.”

Brown issued a statement Tuesday in response to the video.

"The decisions that I make are not based on any personal favors. My decisions are made in the best interest of the department and the citizens of the city of Dallas."

Cletus Judge did not return messages.

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