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Dallas Police Arrest Porch Pirates Caught on Camera

A man and woman are behind bars accused of stealing packages from homes in Lake Highlands.

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Dallas police arrested two people caught on camera taking packages from porches this holiday season.

You see the videos almost every time you look at social media: Thieves stealing packages from porches.

It's happening a lot now that the holidays are here.

In northeast Dallas, it cost two people one thing money can't buy: Freedom.

From snowmen to Santa, lawns full of lights are an attraction in the Lake Highlands neighborhood near Mapleridge and Ferndale Drives.

But apparently, so is what's on people's porches.

Dallas police arrested two people caught on camera taking packages from porches.

“I can't believe that they're so brazen and bold that they just walk right up and take whatever, especially when I have this and I have a camera right there,” said Renee Norton.

Video from Norton's doorbell shows a woman walk up, then grab a package off.

“It was a Vikings T-shirt for my husband,” Norton said.

The woman then rings the doorbell. When no one answers, she walks off.

It isn't the only theft caught on camera.

The same morning, a man is seen snatching a package off another porch nearby. He then grabs two boxes from another house down the street.

Altogether, Dallas police say the pair stole 14 packages from nine homes in broad daylight Thursday morning.

Amanda King, 33, and Hassan Suileman, 29, were caught when a homeowner called 911, then followed the pair after witnessing them steal from his porch.

A sign now hangs on Norton's door, asking deliveries to be dropped off around back, all of it, she said, over a $20 T-shirt.

“She probably wouldn't have wanted it,” Norton said.

Dallas police said some of the stolen items have been returned to their owners.

King and Suileman are in jail charged with more than 10 counts of mail theft.

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