Dallas Photographer Pleads for Someone to Return Hard Drive Containing Irreplaceable Photos

Dallas photographer, Rachel Heacox, is pleading for the public’s help.

“This is my full time job, essentially my livelihood that was taken from me,” said Heacox.

On Saturday, November 24, Heacox said $9,000 worth of photography equipment was stolen from the trunk of her car. The car was parked in a secure parking garage at her Uptown Dallas apartment complex.

“I thought it would be completely safe in my locked car and when we came back to it, realized that the center console was ripped apart, everything was all over the font seat,” said Heacox. [I] ran to the trunk to see if all the stuff was gone… and it was.”

Her lap top, a drone, lighting, her camera, other essential equipment and her external hard drive were all stolen.

For Heacox, the external hard drive was the most important thing.

“In most cases, when there is a theft, it only affects the person that was stolen from, but in this case it expands way beyond that,” said Heacox. “No one ever wants to make that phone call because people trust you to capture these memories and I take it very seriously and they have been very gracious and understanding, but also upset.”

Heacox has offered a $2,000 reward for anyone who will at least just return the hard drive that has hundreds of pictures from clients’ weddings. A once in a lifetime event, that she said is now in the hands of a thief.

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“I absolutely love what I do and so passionate about it. But the facts that I have broken the trust of my clients, the people I care about the most, it just is devastating to me.”

Heacox has filed a police report, but in the meantime, she just hopes someone returns at least the hard drive. She said it will be a no questions asked exchange.

She encourages anyone with information to contact her: rachelheacoxfilms@gmail.com.

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