Dallas Pastor Indicted for Misappropriating $300,000

A grand jury has indicted Reverend Wade C. Davis of Munger Avenue Baptist Church in Dallas for misappropriating more than $300,000 of the church's money.

Former members of Davis's congregation are speaking out for the first time.

Part of the church's mission is to magnify God’s name.

Church member Erica Williams said the church has benefited her in many ways.

"It’s grounded me in my faith,” Williams said.

But over the last year, the church has also been the place of some uprooted concerns.

“I mean, just to think that the man of God could possibly have done something this heinous to his members,” said Richard Greagor, who said he’s speaking on behalf of the church’s deacons and trustees.

That “man of God” he mentioned is Reverend Wade C. Davis, who’s still listed on the church’s website as the current pastor.

But after a 2016 Dallas police investigation, a grand jury has now indicted Davis for misappropriating at least $300,000 of the church’s money.

“The members just don’t want to be here while there’s a cloud of suspicion,” Greagor said. “Two-thirds of the church decided that they no longer want to be here, so for the past year we’ve been worshiping at Black and Clark Funeral Home in Oak Cliff.”

Davis, however, continues to host services at Munger Avenue Baptist Church. And as the divided congregation awaits the pastor’s trial, those bible school lessons are also being tested.

“Forgiveness is essential, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be outrage that it’s accompanied by,” Greagor said.

Davis is expected in court April 11.

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