Dallas Police

Dallas Park Rangers Begin Ticketing Illegally Parked Vehicles at White Rock Lake

People who park illegally at White Rock Lake could find a $55 citation on their windshield.

The city of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department confirmed to NBC 5 park rangers have recently started enforcing parking at the popular lake, adding another layer of enforcement.

Dallas police continue to patrol the lake and issue citations as well.

The city says people are ticketed when they do not park in designated parking lots or parking spaces available throughout the lake.

Residents say it's about time.

"They do foot races, 5k, 10k, things like that and there's not enough parking for everyone so they just park up the street and everywhere," said resident David Kirk. "The organizers of the races should think about where participants are going to park."

Photographer Ben Sandifer snapped pictures this week showing several vehicles with citations for reportedly parking illegally at Winfrey Point.

Residents say it gets very busy when there are ballgames at the park.

"We're really glad to see the rangers out and the fact that they can now give citations and just really pleased to have them out here," said longtime resident Ted Barker.

Barker says he and his brother have been pushing for this kind of enforcement for more than 20 years.

Barker blames uncontrolled parking, the city and park officials booking too many games or events at a time.

He says a lot of damage has already been done.

"The turf, all of this, is worn out," he said. "This used to be beautiful and it keeps getting worn away with overuse. People come across the line over here and it's totally out of control and I am one person trying to get the city to do something."

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