Dallas North Tollway, Multiple Lanes of Interstate 30, Interstate 35 Under Construction

The Horseshoe Project in downtown Dallas and the Dallas North Tollway are facing changes

Dallas road closures over the next few days might be taking a toll on your commute.

The Dallas North Tollway will be closed overnight on Tuesday on some direct connector ramps. Another project, the Horseshoe project, will be closing lanes of Interstate 30 and Interstate 35E in downtown Dallas, according to NTTA.

First, here is what you need to know about closures of the Dallas North Tollway taking place overnight on Tuesday, July 26, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Lane Closures 

• Southbound DNT to the President George Bush Turnpike direct-connector ramps closed

• East- and westbound Plano Parkway between north- and southbound Dallas Parkway (the DNT frontage road) closed

• All lanes of southbound Dallas Parkway (the DNT frontage road) from Park Boulevard to Plano Parkway closed

And here are possible detours:

• Detour to east- and westbound PGBT from southbound DNT: Motorists will continue south on the DNT and exit at Frankford Road, where they will take the U-turn and enter northbound DNT. Motorists can then enter PGBT from the northbound DNT to PGBT direct-connector ramp.

• Detour for southbound Dallas Parkway traffic: Motorists will take a right onto Park Boulevard then take a left onto Plano Parkway. Motorists will be able to continue on Plano Parkway back to Dallas Parkway, where they will turn right.

• Detour for eastbound Plano Parkway traffic: Motorists wishing to continue eastbound on Plano Parkway should turn onto W. Park Boulevard heading east and turn right onto Parkwood Boulevard back to Plano Parkway.

• Detour for westbound Plano Parkway traffic: Motorists wishing to continue westbound on Plano Parkway will turn right onto northbound Dallas Parkway and take a left onto W. Park Boulevard. Motorists will continue on Park Boulevard to Plano Parkway.

This construction is aimed to add an additional lane to connector ramps and DNT main lines between the President George Bush Turnpike and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. 

Horseshoe Project Closures: 

Here are the lanes closing due to the Horseshoe Project, which is taking place downtown. All information is from a Dallas Horseshoe Project press release.

Continuing Closures & Traffic Changes:

• The southbound I-35E Jefferson Boulevard exit is closed until fall 2016.  

• The Reunion Boulevard on-ramp now provides access to eastbound I-30 ONLY. To access southbound I-35E, detour to Riverfront Boulevard.

• Eastbound I-30 traffic coming from Arlington needs to remain in the right lanes to continue along eastbound I-30 through the Mixmaster. 

• The southbound I-35E exit to eastbound I-30 (Exit 428A toward Texarkana) has been shifted to the right, switching places with traffic continuing along southbound I-35E. The southbound I-35E Riverfront Boulevard exit is now labeled the "eastbound I-30 Riverfront Exit." 

• The eastbound I-30 exit to Lamar Street (Exit (45B) will be closed until fall 2016. All traffic may take the exit to Cadiz/Griffin streets (next available exit) to access Lamar. 

• The new southbound I-35E exit to westbound I-30 is now open on the right side of the main lanes. The old left exit is permanently closed. Traffic is advised to remain in the right lane along southbound I-35E after Woodall Rodgers, following new signage to westbound I-30. 

• The westbound I-30 Riverfront Boulevard on-ramp is now open.

• From westbound I-30, traffic will use Exit 46A (on the right-hand side) to access both northbound and southbound I-35E. Traffic should remain in the two right lanes prior to Ervay Street and follow posted signs. 

• New right exits to Reunion Boulevard from both northbound I-35E and westbound I-30 are now open.

• The Sylvan Avenue off-ramp is now open and exit 43B "Frontage Road" ramp is closed on the westbound I-30 frontage road. 

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