Dallas Newlyweds Pull Off Miami Wedding Ahead of Irma

A North Dallas couple didn't let Hurricane Irma ruin their Miami wedding, but they didn't stick around to meet her.

Thursday morning, Devon and Branden Bradford were married in Miami then made a mad dash to the airport.

"I wouldn't wish that on anybody on their wedding day," said newlywed Devon Bradford.

The Bradfords, and their 7-year-old daughter, Dakota, were supposed to leave Miami on Sunday. Their flights kept getting canceled.

Their wedding ceremony was supposed to be at sunset Friday night. Hurricane Irma forced them to hold the ceremony at sunrise Thursday instead.

"It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful," Devon Bradford said.

Not long after tying the knot, the newlyweds faced their first test as a married couple – the Miami International Airport. They said there were hundreds of people in line in front of them, all trying to leave town.

They say they didn't even have tickets when they showed up, but an airline employee eventually helped them land three seats. They arrived back in Dallas late Thursday afternoon.

"I've never seen nothing like that in my life," Branden Bradford said.

It may not be the picture-perfect weekend they wanted, but it's a wedding to remember — for better or worse.

"It made it 10-times more stressful," Branden Bradford said.

The couple was supposed to honeymoon in Miami, too.

Instead, they say they plan to spend the weekend at a hotel or resort in North Texas.

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