Dallas Native Clayton Kershaw on Baseball, Family and Kids

At 31-years-old, Dallas native Clayton Kershaw has reached legendary status. But the left-handed starting pitcher for the Dodgers and three-time Cy Young Award winner measures his life in other ways.

Recently, he headlined an event for MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas.

Both of his in-laws have been treated there.

"I started dating Ellen when I was 15, so I have known her parents for 15 years now. It is such a tightknit family and cancer affects everyone in the family," said Kershaw.

Family, he says, is his world. He and wife, Ellen have two children, Callie and Charlie with another on the way.

"When we had our first kid, Cali, and she is almost five now, it really does, you just want to give them the world. To see kids that might not have the same opportunities, you just want to take care of them in any way you can,” said Kershaw. 

Together they have.

"It makes everything feel small. How you handle failure and how you get through adversity and even if it's on a smaller scale like baseball, it still kind of shows you your character so just continue to get back up. That's the goal," said Kershaw. 

Focusing on others, Kershaw says, makes losses on the field sting less. When asked if his little boy will follow in his footsteps he says, "He loves it right now. We will see if he gets burned out, but right now he wakes up and puts on his baseball uniform and right now he has a helmet and he literally wears it everywhere. We stick out a little bit right now."

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