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Dallas Native Among Officers Honored in Awards Ceremony for Dallas Police

Quintarius Crenshaw is one of eight divisional winners up for the Friends of the Dallas Police Officer of the Year Award

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Tuesday night, the Friends of the Dallas Police will hold their annual awards ceremony, except this year it will be online.

Protecting human life is one of the keys to this job," Officer Quintarius Crenshaw said. If somebody's in trouble, that's the main job, is to help in any way I can."

Crenshaw is one of eight divisional winners who is up for Officer of the Year. At 26-years-old, he's been with DPD for just two and a half years.

"We need more people like him now, simply because he can bridge the gap," Crenshaw's supervisor, Sgt. Cassie Dotson said. "I call him 'Super Q'."

Crenshaw was among the DPD officers who jumped in to help right after the October 20 tornado. He was among the officers who jumped into Bachman Lake to try to save a man who went under and didn't resurface. He also jumped an eight-foot spiked fence to get to a mother with an infant in distress.

"So every day we put on this uniform and make a commitment to be about the people of Dallas, to be here for everybody we meet, and people we may never meet again," Dotson said.

"I grew up here and was raised here. Everything I know is Dallas," Crenshaw said. "This is like me giving back to the city that gave me everything, so that's why I wanted to be an officer."

More than 220 officers and civilian employees will be honored in the ceremony this year.

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