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Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Launches Crusade Against Dockless Bike Sharing

Dallas is considering bike sharing rules

After visiting Chicago, Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway said he will launch a crusade against the dockless bike sharing method Dallas allows.

The predominate method in Chicago uses bikes stored in racks where they must be returned to stop paying for their use.

“The bikes were docked. They were not everywhere. If you want a bike you get the bike and return the bike to the dock. You have a clean city.  You can still have bike share with regulations and rules. This is out of control,” Caraway said.

Chicago has around twice the population of Dallas but Caraway said it has about a quarter as many shared bikes on the street.

Fort Worth also has bike sharing with bike racks instead of the dockless Dallas method.

The City of Dallas is currently considering rules that could include permit fees for companies and limits on how many bikes are allowed.

Caraway wants Dallas to start from scratch on bike sharing with one vendor.

“I think they should remove every bike off the streets and then let’s start this process over with formal regulations and not let the people just come into our city and have a free for all,” Caraway said.

Supporters of the Dallas method say docked bike sharing has cost those cities a very large investment in public money and dockless bike sharing has cost Dallas nothing.

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