Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Speaks About Dwaine Caraway

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is a guest on this week’s Lone Star Politics. We spoke to him about Dwaine Caraway’s guilty plea.

"I have to separate personal and professional. So, I am speaking professionally here. I'm mad as hell, I’m indignant. We work hard in this city to sell the city to other Texans, to the United States, around the globe. Any time anyone tarnishes this city it's a terrible, terrible thing," said Rawlings.

NBC 5 has extensively reported on the scandal regarding Dallas County Schools. One of Senior Investigative reporter Scott Friedman’s stories said that Caraway had accepted money from a person involved in the DCS scandal.

“I was very surprised. After your reports, after the newspaper reports I went to him personally and asked him if he had done anything that was not reported because what was reported in your report was not necessarily illegal,” said Rawlings. He added, “It raised some red flags. So I talked to him. He said no. And so I was very surprised. I took him at his word, and he disappointed me.”

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