Dallas Mayor Declines to Address DISD Rumors

Turnout was high at a Dallas PTA meeting attended by Mayor Tom Leppert on Thursday night, but he did not directly address speculation that he has considered taking over the Dallas school district.

The mayor chose his words very carefully at a PTA meeting at Harold Lang Middle School in East Dallas.

"Let me be very clear," Leppert said. " I will do everything I can to make sure the Dallas Independent School system is successful.  We do not have a choice."

The Dallas Morning News reported in its Sunday edition that Leppert was contemplating a city takeover of the Dallas Independent School District.

Leppert did not make any reference Thursday night to how the city will or will not be involved in the future management of the DISD. 

"There shouldn't be any discussions, debates at the adult level," he said. "We've got to focus on what's going to make a difference for the kids."

Leppert did not answer any direct questions about a possible city takeover.

Many parents said they had heard about the reports of a possible takeover of DISD.

"It was surprising, but you know how rumors go around," parent Menssilee Lewis said.

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