Dallas Man's Pancake Art Goes Viral

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Ryan Lewin makes pancakes, but not just any kind of pancakes.

The Dallas dad uses the breakfast staple as his canvas to make art.

“I have been making pancake art for one year,” Lewin said. “I started making pancake art last year in April 2019. I randomly stumbled upon some pancake art videos while scrolling online and thought it looked so fun, so I first attempted to make some pancake art for my kids for breakfast. After several failed attempts, I could see how much my kids still loved them, so I kept trying and learning how to make them better. Over time, I started making time-lapse videos of my pancake art on Instagram and YouTube channel.”

Ryan Lewin creates Wonder Woman Nurse as a tribute to front line workers.

He said he has always loved to draw, but hadn’t has much time to do it with his full-time job and raising two children. He said this was the perfect way to tap back into his creative side. 

And the internet has eaten it up.

“Five months after I started making pancake art, a professional pancake art company, Dancakes, was so impressed with my art on my Instagram page that they reached out to me and asked if I would join their team as a professional pancake artist part time,” Lewin said.

Lewin, who is known as the “FlippinArtDude” on social media admitted, he didn’t even know something like this even existed. He joined the team and works pancake art events on his own and with the company all across the country.  

Today Show anchor Hoda Kotb, former NBC anchor Katie Couric, actor Dan Levy and so many others have posted about Lewin’s pancake art on social media. He has even been commissioned by Country Music Television to create some pancake art of a few country music artists that they can post to social media.

Lewin, who works in finance full-time, said his pancake art side hustle is the extent of his culinary skills.

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