Dallas Man’s Car Stolen With Dog Inside

Update: Read an update to this story here.

A Dallas man is pleading for the safe return of his dog after he reported his car was stolen with his beloved pet inside Tuesday.

Peter Watson Fitch got Bixby, an old English sheepdog, six years ago when the dog was only a puppy.

“He’s pretty much my only family here,” said Fitch.

Fitch was visiting his sister at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas on Monday when his car, with Bixby inside, was stolen from one of the parking garages.

Bixby was waiting inside Fitch’s classic 1976 red Cadillac Coupe de Ville when it was taken. The car has Texas license plate GG6-3JD.

“Car can be replaced, the dog really can’t," Fitch said.

“I am absolutely worried sick," Fitch said. “I sat at home this morning looking out the window acting like my dog waiting for his master to come home."

Fitch filed a police report and now friends are helping to search for Bixby on Facebook.

Fitch just wants his dog back, no questions asked.

“All I can say is, have a heart," Fitch said. "That is my kid."

Fitch said Bixby can be left with his groomers at Perky Poodle Grooming, 2706 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas.

Update: Read an update to this story here.

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