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Dallas Man Wins Bet to Name His Son Tiger Thanks to The Masters Win

A Dallas man is still riding high over Tiger Woods's victory at The Masters — even more than you might expect.

He bet his pregnant fiancé he could name his son Tiger if Tiger won the tournament.

Trey Little is a die-hard Tiger Woods fan. He watched Tiger play in person in February with his fiancé Denise Coleman by his side.

"So she got to see kind of, in person, how much I got excited about it and how big of a deal it was for me," Little explained.

Little is also a fan of the sport. He used a golf ball to reveal his baby's gender in front of his family in McKinney last month.

"Exploded blue, went nuts, that's where it kind of really kicked off," Little said.

Before Tiger teed off at The Masters last Thursday, Little put proof of his passion on paper.

He typed up a contract stating, "If Tiger Woods wins the masters this week, I (father) get to have the option of naming our son (coming September 2019) Tiger Little."

Little said he presented the contract to Coleman at work.

"She certainly got a kick out of it," Little said, adding his fiancé thought it was a safe bet. They both signed the contract.

Then Sunday, Tiger sank the winning shot.

"It was more to me the excitement of, 'oh my gosh, Tiger Woods really just won this tournament' before it clicked, like, 'this has my baby's name riding on it too,'" Little recalled.

Coleman was unavailable to meet for our interview but we had to ask, is she on board, and do they plan to follow through?

"Absolutely. It's going to happen," Little said. "From the start, whenever I kind of threw out baby Tiger, little Tiger when we found out we were pregnant, she went along with it the whole time."

Tiger Juilan Little is due in September.

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