Dallas Man Recounts Efforts During the Civil Rights Movement

Dallas native who participated in civil rights movement reminds everyone MLK Day shouldn't be a day off, but a day filled with service

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Ernest McMillan is a Dallas native who will tell you he has seen many things in his lifetime. One of the most iconic was hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak.

"We use his example because he was an ordinary human being who did extraordinary things,” McMillan said.

King stood for equal rights for all. McMillan took up the same torch.

As a young student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, he joined civil rights organizations like the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Their mission was to ensure rights for those who were being oppressed.

McMillan said it was about doing what was right, but also, he was tired of seeing people being treated unfairly. He joined the same movement Dr. King was an integral part of in hopes that his contribution would make a difference.

While he said we have so far to go, we have still come a long way.

"In the spirit of King and also in the spirit of Frederick Douglas who said there is no progress without struggle. So if our young people and old can get involved and participate whether it’s voting, encouraging others, organizing, contributing, encouraging word, or listening to young people we can all brighten the corner. I think that’s what dr. king would say to us today. Keep on keeping on," McMillan said.

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