Ugly Costs More at Dallas Christmas Sweater Shop

Jeremy Turner has taken his obsession with ugly Christmas sweaters the masses. 

He's the owner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop, a Dallas store he has stocked with more than 1,000 sweaters on the sales floor. He says there's another 8,000 in back. He's even recorded a song called "Ugly Christmas Sweater" that he sings for countless hours every day.

"It don't matter if I'm good or bad, 'cause Santa brought a sweater that is really rad," he sang.

The uglier, the better, in Turner's opinion, for both the customer and his bottom line. 

"We price them by ugliness," he said.

Turner isn't the only business owner hoping to capitalize on less appealing apparel. 

The popularity of ugly sweater-themed holiday parties has created a cottage industry each Christmas season, as revelers across the country scour thrift stores, eBay and shopping malls in search of wackier and tackier winter wear. The trend has translated to eight-figure sales for some businesses and even inspired novelty lines at major retailers such as Forever21 and Target, according to Business Insider.

Thai Ho, who spent more than $100 in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop, said the sweaters are worth the money.

"It's for my brother and he's graduating this winter and he likes ugly stuff," he said.

The store, located at 6333 E. Mockingbird Lane, is only open until Dec. 27.

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