Dallas Love Field

Dallas Love Field to Repair Damaged Runway; Slight Delays Possible

The construction begins April 27 and is expected to be completed February of next year

dallas love field at night
NBC 5 News

The reconstruction of a runway at Dallas Love Field may lead to slight delays for passengers.

Officials at the airport said the runway 13R-31L, which runs parallel to Denton Drive, will be closed so that it can be rebuilt over the next 10 months.

Repairs to the runway may cause intermittent delays for passengers flying into Love Field but are not expected to significantly impact air travel.

Officials said the runway has begun to deteriorate due to increased traffic since the expiration of the Wright Amendment and heavier aircraft landing at the airport.

Until the runway reconstruction is complete, all airport traffic will use runway 13L-31R on the east side of the airport. Officials warn that those along the Lemmon Avenue side of the airport may notice a slight increase in noise levels due to all take-offs and landings taking place on that single runway during reconstruction.

The repair to 13R-31L will begin Tuesday, April 27, and is expected to be finished in February 2022.

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