Dallas Love Field Looking for Ways to Improve Traffic Flow In, Out of Airport

As passengers returned home to Dallas Love Field over the Thanksgiving holiday, many were greeted with heavy traffic trying to get in and out of the airport -- leaving the airport looking at plans for an overhaul.

A procession of cars, many of them, Lyft and Uber vehicles, stretched all the way to Mockingbird Lane, fraying nerves and creating a traffic jam.

Adrienne Jack spoke to NBC 5. She said the system could be better.

"They need to get a better ride-share pickup system so they're not waiting behind all the buses. But it's a work in progress," passenger Adrienne Jack said.

Chris Perry, with Dallas Love Field, is aware of customer concerns over ride-share crowding.

"When the terminal was built in 2014, the ride-share companies had not quite disrupted the marketplace like they have now," said Perry.

Perry said the set-up works for now, but the airport is looking at better options.

"We have some extra space with the opening of our parking garage C. We opened in November 2018, so we have a little bit of leeway, in terms of, we can remove some parking spaces to try to create an area like that, so that's a solution we’re considering," said Perry.

Bruce Boyd just arrived from Miami and was looking for the quickest way home.

"I changed. I went from Lyft, which was taking six minutes. Then I went over to Uber which was taking 4 minutes. That still seems to be a delay," said Boyd.

Like many we spoke to, he hopes a solution to the delay comes soon.

Perry said there's no timeline of when changes will be made, but the airport will be looking at options to improve customers' experience over the next six or seven months.

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